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  • Johnny A Johnny A Apr 29, 2007 20:26 Flag

    Is Tevez on Loan ?

    Why all the fuss and why a 5.5 million fine ? Weren't Tevez and Mascherano, to all intent and purpose, on loan to West Ham ? Aren't there many players on loan to various teams when their contractural rights (ownership) are with other clubs (third parties) who, arguably, are in a position to influence those players on loan and the outcome of games in which they play ? Isn't Mascherano now on loan to Liverpool ? Who loaned him to the Reds, surely not the Hammers. Isn't he still owned by the same third party that brought him to West Ham ? Has Liverpool disclosed details of the arrangement ? I haven't seen anything.

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    • Get a shirt with CARLITOS on the back. See my May 1st thread "Muchas Gracias Carlitos - Our Hero". See also this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8P-_DDi3c... Great video clips of our man.

      Cheers John.

    • Cheers George.
      Even in a worst possible scenario, and WHU do drop, the cream always comes to the top, as Sunderland and City have prooved this year, and I'm sure WHU will do likewise. Meet you for a beer after the game at Upton Park or St Andrews next season. Cheers for now.

    • The Mascherano\Liverpool is different and was cleared to play from the Premier League, FA and Fifa but who's he on loan from and will the Premier League let him return to West Ham.

      Administration error or not the Premier League bottled it in to condemning West Ham to relegation, does this mean now clubs can make "administration errors" and expect only to get fined?? As it’s opened the door for the clubs who can afford the fines to keep points and not to worry about losing any.

      If West Ham don't go down this season, I can't see this blowing over anytime soon as I can see who ever finishes 18th taking legal action to stay up, it also annoys me to see a team get away with murder when my own team has a legit reason and was told from the PL that it was ok to cancel a league game since we could only field a team with 16\17 y/o, but we got fined and deducted 3 points which would have kept us up.

    • well said Alan, the perfect viewpoint IMO

      best of luck mate

    • WIGANERS VIEW on Tevez you've had your punishment now lets get on with it ,were all down the bottom cause we've been #$%$ all season ,If you're good enough you stay up if your not you go down its as simple as that so good luck to everyone .

    • George,
      yes thats cool, I remember years ago Villa bought a guy from River Plate. Argentina named Jean Paolo Angel. The deal was similar that an agent owner half of him and the club the other half!!! How odd, I know it caused problems but how it was overcome, I can't quite remember now, I seem to recall that the player bought half of himself back from his agent then sold half of himself back to River Plate, then River Plate sold all of him to Villa! Daft,
      Anyway, I agree, your new Chairman shouldn't suffer because of a past Chairmans illegal dealings. I don't expect it to disappear just yet, and I'm waiting for eruptions of allegations of unfairness if or as I expect Fulham and Wigan drop into the relegation spots and West Ham and Charlton wriggle free on the last day.
      All the best George. Hope it does turn out right for you and your lot, and of course Matty U. Nige

    • You have just underlined the argument. The rules are there, but they don't cover all eventuals. Prem teams shouldn't be able to loan players to other prem teams. That would be fairer. Precedents have already been set for teams not receiving points deductions for previos regimes mistakes. Alan sugar succesfully appealed when tottenham were given this penalty on those grounds. At the end of the day it was an administration mistake. WE WILL STAY UP because over the course of the season we have more points than the teams below us and from what i remember that is the point. And should the unthinkable happen we will take it like men and return stronger and better (hopefully with Carlos Tevez). If the playing of Tevez was an issue he wouldn't be playing now and nor would Mascherano at Liverpool. Don't forget he is on loan to them....

    • Good reply, George, but my concern is that it doesn't address the suggestion of bias toward the 'rich' London/Manchester/Liverpool/Birmingham (Villa) clubs. Would say Wigan have been given a 5.5m fine or deducted points, irrepective of the final outcome?. I think you and I both know the answer to that one. I don't agree or dis-agree with the outcome, us at Birmingham had a silly similar situation where Dennis WISE and Leeds wanted us deducted points because we dug our pitch up and laid a new one to protect the players, then we couldnt fulfill the fixture because of the rain waterlogging tne new pitch!

      I do think a precedent was made with Rotherham, Boston and Chester, but to make a financial penalty to a rich club does smack of un fairness, mate. I think that in future the FA should make a guideline which is clear to ALL and stick to it, not suit the penalty to the means of the club. What do you think?