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  • dillon dillon May 3, 2007 23:35 Flag

    Is Tevez on Loan ?

    Good reply, George, but my concern is that it doesn't address the suggestion of bias toward the 'rich' London/Manchester/Liverpool/Birmingham (Villa) clubs. Would say Wigan have been given a 5.5m fine or deducted points, irrepective of the final outcome?. I think you and I both know the answer to that one. I don't agree or dis-agree with the outcome, us at Birmingham had a silly similar situation where Dennis WISE and Leeds wanted us deducted points because we dug our pitch up and laid a new one to protect the players, then we couldnt fulfill the fixture because of the rain waterlogging tne new pitch!

    I do think a precedent was made with Rotherham, Boston and Chester, but to make a financial penalty to a rich club does smack of un fairness, mate. I think that in future the FA should make a guideline which is clear to ALL and stick to it, not suit the penalty to the means of the club. What do you think?