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  • dillon dillon May 4, 2007 03:42 Flag

    Is Tevez on Loan ?

    yes thats cool, I remember years ago Villa bought a guy from River Plate. Argentina named Jean Paolo Angel. The deal was similar that an agent owner half of him and the club the other half!!! How odd, I know it caused problems but how it was overcome, I can't quite remember now, I seem to recall that the player bought half of himself back from his agent then sold half of himself back to River Plate, then River Plate sold all of him to Villa! Daft,
    Anyway, I agree, your new Chairman shouldn't suffer because of a past Chairmans illegal dealings. I don't expect it to disappear just yet, and I'm waiting for eruptions of allegations of unfairness if or as I expect Fulham and Wigan drop into the relegation spots and West Ham and Charlton wriggle free on the last day.
    All the best George. Hope it does turn out right for you and your lot, and of course Matty U. Nige