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  • Paul Paul Jul 27, 2007 01:46 Flag

    Thank Terry Brown ?

    I never thought I would be able to accept that Terry Brown was the saviour of my beloved football club. Every fan I know, regardless of club could not believe we had signed Tev and his mate. Then it comes out that they are owned by Kia, MSI and Corinthians. Corinthians were being asset stripped by Kia and MSI, and the Argies are put in our shop window.
    When the news of the devils takeover bid came out it seemed too much of a coincidence, were the Argies being used as part of a finance plan, or was it a sweetener?
    Today, does Tevez know that Kia is the Devil, and he is telling him what to do, say, wear, for the benefit of MSI.
    I dont think we will ever know the answer to any of the above, but over the past 3 months I thank the lord every day that Brown did not do a deal with the devil and chose EGG instead, as we would now be well and truly screwed.(honest belief though is that Kia could not come up with the real money and Brown went elsewhere - thank f@ck).

    P.S. Read the boards every day, but very rarely post. Just want to point out particularly to Astoria, Rocape, Bobby, and Gibbo - I am nothing to do with blower. Keep up the good work as you stop the board being dominated by idiots...

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