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    Teaser 4 Tony (or any1)

    Which team is closest to the River Mersey?

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    • Nigel

      Screw your head on right ffs.
      You come in here calling the west ham boys cheats. I copied this from another west ham reply..."should have had a penalty earlier when your cheating player was holding Dyer back by the neck." and you come back with "I'll give you the first one, that was a penalty when our full back Kelly impeded Dyer, no two ways about that one." So you say we had to cheat to win yet you had to cheat to keep us out. We did not cheat, replays will show this if you take the time to watch it with your eyes open.
      Ever way, you had to cheat to keep us out.

    • No Johnno,
      Work nights mate, so yes just going to bed.
      we are never going to agree on this, even the players on both sides are disputing it, (as they always will).

      To be honest Johnno, i along with genuine supporters are sick of the diving culture, with certain players like Bellamy and drogba, it happens every week now and whether you and I agree or disagree on this one, its a fact of life now that cheats exist in Football, and it spoils the game.

      Bellamy is disliked everywhere. Attacking teammates with punches, golf clubs, etc can hardly enhere him to anyone,
      Arrogance is not passion, even if he thinks it is and you are welcome to him.

      I don't intend to get personal like so many on these boards do, my view is he dived, you lot don't think so. OK fair enough, If it was Noble, the opinion may have been different, but Bellamy is a cheat,

      Anyway, tired now, off to bed,



    • Nighty Nite Cheats....----------------------------------------->Swimming pools this way

    • Oh Nigel - been a tiring weekend has it? - did I touch a raw nerve or two ? Second city, or the empty seats bit? Is it a claret and blue thing seeing as villa ( as you know), are the only team in midlands that could possibly be described as a big club?

      Re empty seats - well think you'll find when hammers play wigan next up there won't be spare seat in ground - unless (wigan seat) and presumably you'd agree they aren't exactly attractive opposition.

      Re you just stating the facts - bolux! - they are just your opinion - in my opinion it WAS a pen - same as the earlier challenge on dyer.

      Oh and just to make you happy nigey baby - my name is mike - there, what a difference that makes, how very formal.
      oh i feel so much better for that nige - so liberated - though strangely exposed and not a little afraid......... .
      Now please go back to your own blue board SONNY - if there's anyone there, to discuss life in the big boys league - suggest you adopt a more positive approach though as believe it's going to be very long season for you - one that I suspect will end with relegation to the fizzy pop league and whilst that horrible bitter git of a manager remains in charge of you, I sincerely hope so.

      Nighty nite nige - the man with no friends.
      No patronising "regards" as bored with whingers like you, Mike.

    • Its not critism erm....Sonny its fact., sorry don't know who you are...hiding behind a novelty name. If youre afraid to announce who you are then, can't call you by any name...sorry.

      I cheered savage when he left under a cloud, you lot down South don't know the half of it. If you want the full anti...give me half an hour before you go to bed. He's a #$%$ thats all I'll say, and cheat of this decade also.

      Brucie meant YOU are the little club mate and you are in mentality and the empty seats?? well you are hardly the most attractive little team we play are you?

      WHU and BELLAMY. Cheats in bed together.

      Good night man with no name.

      Best regards

    • I presume you never cheered on Savage then before he decided to leave for Rovers - the ultimate cheat of the last decade.

      Thought it was great Bruce playing the little club, big club card - thanks for the compliment Brucie - but you should be more concerned with how your team were outplayed by a team missing 5 certain starters - not great, nor the empty seats considering Brum being England's 2nd city?

      Get off the anti west ham bandwagon - so boring, concentrate on supporting your team.You are never going to alter our love for our team, just as we couldn't yours.If anything all the criticism makes us stronger.

    • It was a pen, we scored , we won you lost , let that be an end to it , or do you have to keep bleating on about the past .
      You say you were there, was you in front of the linesman (who gave the pen straight away ) or were you in row Z either way you will not see it was a penalty.

      Good evening Nigel.

    • I know that Johnno, I aint spouting, I was there... I didn't watch it on TV...as YOU say Doyle came for the ball, but Bellamy dived over him that is a fact. NO CONTACT WAS MADE. Bellamy has previous form for cheating , and watch him with Dyer, they'll soon be fighting again.

      I'll give you the first one, that was a penalty when our full back Kelly impeded Dyer, no two ways about that one.

      Tevez, I'm sure you won't want reminding about that little TEVEZ episode....WHU should have been docked points like all other teams have done before when they have infringed the laws, but i will accept that isnt your current boards doing.

      I'm not on here trying to spout off, just put OUR point of view which was confirmed on TV incedently. It was no Pen, Bellamy dived. It won't be the last time I'm sure.

    • I do like trivia of all kinds but my holiday from work is at an end now and with 2 young children to run about after i will probably not have much time.That and trying to put my 8mm tapes onto DVD!!!! As a PC pleb it will probably take all my time and more.

      By all means fire some at me but don't be offended if i don't have the time.

      If you do or don't,they have been fun. Well done for beating the Blues Saturday...certainly helped the Villa.

    • Stockport is a bit inland but it could be at the start of the mersey , it certainly looks like it's source comes from that area.

      Agree with the kit colour , but i prefer our badge. LOL

      Do you want more brain teasers Kipper ?.

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