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  • dillon dillon Aug 20, 2007 03:07 Flag

    Teaser 4 Tony (or any1)

    I know that Johnno, I aint spouting, I was there... I didn't watch it on TV...as YOU say Doyle came for the ball, but Bellamy dived over him that is a fact. NO CONTACT WAS MADE. Bellamy has previous form for cheating , and watch him with Dyer, they'll soon be fighting again.

    I'll give you the first one, that was a penalty when our full back Kelly impeded Dyer, no two ways about that one.

    Tevez, I'm sure you won't want reminding about that little TEVEZ episode....WHU should have been docked points like all other teams have done before when they have infringed the laws, but i will accept that isnt your current boards doing.

    I'm not on here trying to spout off, just put OUR point of view which was confirmed on TV incedently. It was no Pen, Bellamy dived. It won't be the last time I'm sure.