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  • has he jumped ship............or was it secretly Marlon Harewood under an assumed name.
    Both departed around the same time you know. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..............................

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    • i can rember Stanley Mathews playing so i go a little back than that

    • Yes, where is Gibbo i had good crack with him in the past under my previous identity,the boy is keen and civilised surely one of you computer buffs out there can trace him somehow and find out about him why has someone so committed to this board suddenly stopped ,he may just be on an extended holiday hope fully ,i do hope he is ok

    • Charles i remember Gordon well,signed in 68 stayed 4-5 seasons had his best years at Turf Moor part of great Burnley team in those days you might be too young but i remember them all well Dobson Coates Lochead Casper Thomas etc a number of north east lads there at the time

    • I hope Gibbo is ok its getting worrying for a guy that posts a lot on here hasn't been around for nearly a month.
      I don't know John if someone has reported him but if Bobby can't get a reply from his email then he might have lost his account, but he could have pc problems as well if Charles and I have picked up the same virus what are the odds that gibbo might have picked it up ?
      Or pay your bleeding phone bill Gibbo lol we are all missing you !

    • difference in times when Gordon retired he finished up being a coal man

    • Ah, Sunderland, hence the Brum anthem mention - went to game maybe?

      Spent a great weekend six/seven years back in Sunderland when last game of season you beat us 1-0 kevin phillips scorer - meant you finished above the unmentionables so town was buzzing that night - all I remember of that night was a square of pubs - walking from one to another - whole pubs jammed packed singing Oasis or whatever soongs were being played.

      Great weekend - very surprise at how friendly people were - though cynics among us would say we were probably tolerated cos of few apparently well known Sunderland with us.

      Who knows, but great time.

    • Sorry bonnie lad its not Birmingham its up north, and after the first two games we are starting to struggle a bit,no goals in the last 4 games we are sadly lacking in midfield to many championship players bought and 35 million spent, albeit we are like yourselves struggling with key players injured

    • What a friendly and civilised board this is --unlike a number of others i could mention ,a breath of fresh air blowing up the country from east London

    • hast tha fun im yit or whaat

    • Charles what anti virus are you using ? AVG free is not as good as it is made out to be i was using it at the same time as Gibbo was last on.
      If you have your broadband through BT try upgrading it and get the Norton package. I had the same virus as you as well and AVG didn't pick it up, but the moment i went with Norton it cleared it.
      The thing with the names is doing my head in as well as it is picking up the original name you used when you signed up for the account on here as well Charles and good old yahoo have never said why they were changing it!
      Only thing i can say about Gibbo is missing is that he has been reported by someone which means Gibbo would have lost his e-mail as well. I believe Charles hasn't reported him as he has said, but Charles just a friendly word though and not mean to criticise if you keep the banter friendlier you will get on a lot better on this board.

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