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    Fergie: Foreign levy is good idea

    Fergie: Foreign levy is good idea
    Tue 06 Nov, 10:30 AM

    Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson believes clubs should have "a proportion of home-based players" - but is sure Arsenal would not agree.FIFA president Sepp Blatter has announced he will lobby for restrictions on the number of foreign players in each team and Ferguson has voiced his support.

    "It's certainly not wrong that clubs should be seen to have a proportion of home-based players," said the Old Trafford manager.

    "I totally agree (with Blatter) but it would be a problem for a club like Arsenal. That's why they'll protest the loudest.

    What you think of this...it may be good for the England team but what about the clubs?
    And how many British plays would you have to have.. I know these questions cant be answered yet but makes u think what happen's when you have to replace a english player and the best for the club is foreign..

    over to you guys now... :)

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