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  • Thames Ironworks Thames Ironworks Nov 14, 2007 18:15 Flag

    What's wrong with Green?

    The England team has never been about trying new talent though, has it? Ferdinand, Cole and Lampard were overlooked until they'd proved themselves at 'bigger' clubs. Michael Owen wasn't guaranteed his place until he was past his prime. Theo Walcott was given a kiddies free holiday to the World Cup but stayed at the creche in the team hotel. We could have a raw, exciting squad full of rising talent, but mostly we've got a dump bin for the same old people. I mean, David Beckham? Pure nostalgia. McClaren's recent trip to USA trip watch Dave play against Tom Cruise and a bunch of celebrities? Was he match fit? Did he glide past Katie Holmes? What a joke. We need an England manager with balls, backed by a non-intrusive F.A.

    Rant over.

    One final note... Anyone who saw the Bolton match will notice that whilst an excellent shot stopper, crosses are not Green's forte...