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  • A Yahoo! User Nov 26, 2007 19:51 Flag

    Fragile Egos and the average Hamper "fan"

    I love the way you lot just fall to pieces - it's a joy to behold.

    More importantly it fully illustrates just how fragile your average Hampers "fan's" ego is. precariously teetering on the brink of narcissistic injury - the narcissist prefers the safe route of associating with what he perceives to be a for gone conclusion, ie following West Hamper.

    Now that you are only one point in front of Newcs and a game in hand AND eleven points behind the #$%$, you all fall to absolute pieces verging on full mental breakdown.

    Can anyone doubt that Hampers are the most Neurotic fans in the League?

    Best post of the day "Why Curbs MUST beg Anyone to sign in Jan" fully illustrates the point.

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    • Oh he'll respond, I bet ..... oh look, he already has!

      ............ Muahahahahahaha .........

      He even slipped into his 'bertmerrrries' nic to do it, that's the one he uses when he wants to post racist #$%$ on other boards ... not this one though.

    • Why is it that whenever we play Spurs we all come on OUR board to discuss OUR teams successes or failure's, there is always some idiot trying to start something!
      A few Spurs guys (ie Alfy) come on here and keep the banter going but its always respectful and then you get this sailor #$%$ cheese reducing it to pitiful racist comments!
      It really is quite sad! Johnny youre amonst your own here mate, ignore the drunken loser!!!

    • Er, beg pardon??

      Anyone on here suffering mental breakdown at being mid-table?

      Funny that.

      Who does this bell-end think he is? Freud? You sir, are a #$%$.