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  • McMullan McMullan Dec 3, 2007 13:36 Flag

    I don't love Curbishley.

    I don't know why! I just set my computer wallpaper as a picture of Curbs and then realised that it just didn't feel right. I adored Lyall, Bonds, Harry and even Pardew but I just don't get the same feeling for Curbs. Maybe it's because I'm still angry at him for leaving us for Birmingham all those years ago after he was touted as the 'next Trevor Brooking.' But for years I wanted him as our manager!

    By the way, the Yahoo piccy of Boa Morte 'thumbing' John terry makes for an excellent computer wallpaper.

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    • I fully concur.

      merv the swerve and curbs are one of us afater all.

      I remember to this minute merv making his debut - it being on the Big Match with Brian Moore - part of our history - just tell me he don't care - have you seen him with the officials after games like arsenal and spurs!? - at least lets back'im and curbs for decent length of time - as I say this time next year and same concerns then maybe different story - alarm bells ringing - until then,in the words of tina turner lets stick together. -- well alright it was "stay" but indulge me. COYI!

    • What does curbs has to do to get your vote?
      We matched one of the top four step by step except for a poor decision; we could have come away with a point from the bridge.
      I would have thought that you guys would be hallowing his name but then I am one those who is glad to have Al back along with Mervyn Day in our fold.
      Time will tell 'What a team'

    • Good thread Soppy.

      Always one to get the boy's and girls going.

    • Well said that man!

      An "I luv Curbs" t shirt on it's way to you as I type!

    • Sorry to hear of tickets - roll on new stadium!

      We'll hopefully meet one day - next year maybe i'll sort everything tickets wise.

      Alan Curbishley fan club dinner and dance maybe?!

      I'll be wearing a claret and blue carnation.haha!

    • I think Curbs has earnt the right to be where he is at the moment, I can understand about the lack of passion but when he kicked the water bottle against Bolton people said he was losing it so he can't really win. Besides look at Warnock he jumps around and bemoans everything and he's hopeless at managing in the premiership. Also look at Sam Allerdyce, a top manager at Bolton but not having much success at Newcastle yet, so things could be a lot worse.
      Also if for some reason the board did decide to bin Curbs who's available at the moment that would replace him? I think we have to remember sometimes that we only have three domestic trophies to win and one of them are only realistically achievable by Chelsea, Arsenal & Man Utd. Liverpool can't find the consitency to win it, Spurs invested heavily in the summer and they haven't improved.
      I think that we should look at the long term and at Arsenal and Man Utd, thier success didn't come overnight and I don't think ours will either BUT it will come given time, look what happened last year when we performed well above the expectations the year before, lets give Curbs some time and judge him after he's had a few years at the helm, it's a results business so as long as we're doing ok at the moment I'm happy

    • As I said only time will tell. As you said these days you are judged on results and as long as he continues to get results people may warm to his style of management.

      Also the reason people want instant success these days is because of the amount of money paid to buy a player, the immense salaries they get and also the amount fans have to pay to see their team or pay for a shirt.

      My wife's cousin couldn't even get me tickets for the Man U game as they are operating a different system in the way they allocate tickets so even though he works there he couldn't get me any.

      I agree that Martin O'Neill would be a good choice he knows the european circuate and he is very passionate but he has already said that he doesn't want the job as he is committed to Villa. Not only do they have to find the right person with the right criteria but also someone who actually wants the job. How hard will that be?

    • martin o neil's not english of course so assume you don't include him in the "do gooders" category?

      Also re the injuries - the majority of injuries haven't been those with history have they

      ferdinand mullins bowyer zamora ashton collins gabbidon noble etc all these have been/are out this season - that's just bad luck on top of his buys.

      we will have to agree to disagree as we clearly have a differing interpretation of him as person/manager - i def' don't give a flyin fcuk whether i think he's nice bloke or orrible long as gets results - just think he's on a bit of a loser at moment with some west ham fans - nobody at man city gives one about sven being all quiet and studious looking nor did england fans when he first arrived - in fact that was his strength we all said - his scandinavian calmness compared to the chest thumping but tactically clueless keegan - until he started losing.

      I'd say Curbs is in betweeen the two extremes of
      sven and bilic and i'm quite happy withthat - if he was like bilic and results weren't good people would 100% certain start criticising him for being too volatile - it is ALL about the results - that's why top 4 clubs all luv their manager ( by the way how many chelsea fans now crying for the special one - none i bet until he;'s given a season with average number of injuries the jury as far as i'm concerned is out.

      However, the thread is I don't love Curbishley so nor do i but I tell you in reality nobody loved john lyall when we were relegated or going thru shit times and all he did was say the lads tried or something insipid on those lines. we are ALL so much more demanding of immediate success nowadays and that is the problem.

    • Hmm not too hot on him myself Kelly. I think the problem for me is him not showing passion. I liked the Curb's that I saw on the touchline during the Spurs game. Don't like his laid back attitude.

      Although not doing anything badly wrong football wise at the moment. Still wonder if he is the man to take us on. I suppose only time will tell.