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  • McMullan McMullan Dec 3, 2007 21:47 Flag

    I don't love Curbishley.

    As far as England are concerned there can be onlt one. The one that wants it. The 'special one.'

    At least then we'll have had an England manager that has won the English league (for the first time since Revie).

    And if he facks up, then we know, we really are shite.

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    • The only problem with him getting the job is all the do gooders Kelly that want an "englishman" and are blinkered that there is an englishman that is good enough. My wife is an avid football fan as well and she has no problem with me watching football day in day out so I am lucky. She really knows her stuff as well. She says there isn't an englishman tactically aware enough to do the job. The "special one" has everything and he can handle the media.
      I think I have to agree with her.

      I am just sitting tight to see who Scotland get and can just see it being Souness who I detest with a vengeance and he has been shite at every team he has managed.