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  • Thames Ironworks Thames Ironworks Dec 4, 2007 05:52 Flag

    I love Curbishley

    Whilst lacking the charisma/quirkiness of many a Premier league manager, Big Al is building a team that will keep getting better and better. With Chairmen sacking managers left, right and centre, the idea of a manager having time to build a squad has been forfeited in favour of quick fix results.

    Give him time. Our squad is solid. All season,theyve held strong against opposition. They keep their discipline and play like a team. They don't fall apart. How many other teams ( with the notable exceptions ) can claim that? When the injury list clears ( and it will ) then we've got a team that can easily challenge for Europe...and in a few years ( stay with me ) challenge for more.

    Alan Curbishley gives us stability to build for the future, and I for one am right behind him.