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    now i understand

    SYDNEY (AFP) - An Australian transsexual is suing two policemen for allegedly telling her unsuspecting boyfriend about her gender switch, leading to a violent confrontation, it was reported Wednesday.

    Brigitte Fell has launched a lawsuit accusing the officers of breaching privacy laws by telling her then-boyfriend about the sex change while he was in police custody, Sydney's Daily Telegraph reported.

    Constables Tyrone Stacey and Brendan Ritson pleaded not guilty in a Sydney court Tuesday and could face two years jail if convicted of unlawfully disclosing information, the newspaper reported.

    It said Fell's boyfriend was picked up by police for suspected theft in September 2006 and while he was in custody Stacey allegedly accessed confidential information about Fell, revealing she was born a man.

    Ritson, who was looking over his colleague's shoulder, allegedly shouted to Jacobson that he was having sexual relations with "a bloke".

    After the boyfriend, Garrick Jacobson denied it, he was allegedly shown paperwork indicating her gender and told: "See, it's a guy."

    Fell told the court that when Jacobson was released he stormed into her flat and confronted her, asking if what the police told him was true.

    She said he repeatedly punched her in the face, resulting in her hospitalisation for several days.

    Fell told the court that she underwent sex change surgery in London about 12 years ago and claimed the privacy breach "ruined my life", the Telegraph reported.

    She said she had not previously revealed her surgery to Jacobson, her boyfriend of about two months, because "he was temperamental enough ha ha ha ha its jock the strap ha ha .

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