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  • vailsy vailsy Mar 9, 2008 23:57 Flag

    Job done for Curbs?

    while the British p^ss me off big time with their current criticism of west ham (only 2 games won this year etc etc), i could almost hear a big sigh of relief from curbishley once west ham reached the golden 40 point mark

    saying that 'chances are' west ham can turn it around against spurs maybe might be something a supporter could say, but a manager?

    doesn't exactly sound like fighting talk to me and it seems to be carrying over onto the pitch with another embarrassing defeat today against spurs

    in my view west ham really had a chance to push ahead this season instead of languishing in the middle of the table. and these big defeats are really starting to irritate me given west hams solid performances during the rest of the season

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