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  • A Yahoo! User May 15, 2008 00:56 Flag

    Now lets get something straight

    1. I am not Chris aka the professer but thanks for the comparison
    2. I do not spam ( at least not anymore, i did it once on the gooner board, but that was back when eduardo had his leg snapped in 2)
    3. I have been to OT trafford many times and wembley including FACF 1985, 1994, 1995 and 2004. Thats not including europe but i have nothing to prove
    4. i Have also been to your Cabbage patch ( most noticeably when we drew 2-2 in 94/95 season when we a certain Ince scored a last minute equaliser and when Cantona nailed a beauty in 95/96 with a great strike from an acute angle. there have been a couple more but i neednt mention them.

    Now i know that the most important thing in your life is to beat manchester united and to undermine any of our achievements. This is nothing new and i take it as a compliment as i know your hatred is breed from fear. Half the #$%$ you give us you give to your own players anyway so i dont take it personally in fact i find it bloody comical.

    Anyone fee free to give your opinion but dont judge with the usual glory hunting, never been to OT bulls**t.

    Anyway you boys need to be brought down to ground and the Chavski and gooner board just aint no fun anymore. so you might have the pleasure of my prescence!! At least you might learn something!!

    Ps cant wait to see Deano coming of the bench and kissing the united badge!!