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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Jun 3, 2008 16:52 Flag

    Euro 2008 Fantasy Fan

    And that is a full house! Although the plan is we get two teams each, if 8 more people want to play I'm sure we can cope with one team each...

    I’m going to make the tiers from bookies odds, and will put a list up on the Spurs board of which teams are in each list. At random, I’m going to number the first list 1-8 and letter the second list A-H (but I won’t put the numbers & letter up when I put the lists up). Once I’ve put the lists up, I’ll need you all to pick a number and a letter to decide your teams, and I’ll take the last 2.

    In the interest of being seen to be fair, please don’t put your numbers and letters up until I’ve put the tiers – I won’t have numbered/lettered them until I do that.

    And Alfy’s not in, so maybe we can all play nice ;)

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    • Woody and Andy B? Are you about at all?

      You're the only two people left to pick numbers & letters. Can you pick from 3, 5 and 7, and B, G and H, and pop over to the Spurs board to let me know which you've gone for? I rarely venture into these parts, and you can meet your fellow players.

      Teams left (alphabetically and tiered) are Czech Republic, Germany and Switzerland, and Austria, Greece and Poland.

      Hurry up - I want to know which teams I'm left with!