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  • A Yahoo! User Jun 14, 2008 14:06 Flag

    Happy Hammers & Friends - thankx all.........

    .....for expressing your knowledgeable and interesting views on my 'Nobby' thread.

    It shows posters round here know their stuff very well when you're in the mood for football discussion besides being a model forum.

    My only disappointment is receiving JUST 4 rating only from TIGHT-FISTED mean Hammers and Friends. In actual fact I was expecting to receive a deluge of 5* rating towards my own Bronze medallion.

    I wanna be like you guys, show your support now, and get rating!

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    • You know who Ian Harris's mate is don't you Roy....birds of a feather springs to mind there.

      Oh well,....just dust off my tin hat then...

    • Like the majority of threads on this board, your thread was met with enthusiasm and wit. However, your profile show's you to be named 'Gold Contributor'...which is a name well known on this board for causing unrest and problem's. Hence the lack of response.
      Can I, on behalf of the rest of this board ask you a genuine question? Who are you really...as the profile you have awarded yourself will not encourage any sort of high marks.

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      • aaah! I see.

        tiltonsroad, a case of mistaken identity. It seems to me that that Kangaroo-loving qunt better known as maniac Butch has being causing problem on your board faking my 'gold contributor' profile.

        The best way to distinguish my (genuine) id from the faker is by clicking on yahoo! account, mine is the authentic id and reads "gold.contributor" - note the comma separating the 2 words whereas the cloned id reads "gold-contributor" with an hyphen. Maniac Butch created the cloned id to confuse other posters as there's a little bit of history between us, just ask Guru (Johnnyboy) if you need more information.

        I hope I've clarified the confusion, now get rating guys.