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    The CRF's position is this....We love West Ham Untied and only West Ham, we dont slope off to watch other teams play unless West Ham happen to be playing there. We live for and die for West Ham United, players, managers etc come and go, we are warm and welcoming to most. As it stands right now we the CRF are not impressed with anything curbs has done, his new purchases have mostly been cripples (bellamy and dyer) who haven't as yet in their respective
    footballing careers played more than a handful of games in any one season. We dont feel he brings the right abilities to manage such a club as West Ham. True he looked ok at charlton but WE are West Ham fans and we expect much much more than he's done so far. Every man and child of the CRF demand our beloved West Ham are managed by a man who can inspire our players, one who can communicate with players, one who has the players and the fans (yes we do count) respect and finally we we want a manager who himself wants West Ham to achieve.

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