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  • A Yahoo! User Jul 2, 2008 23:47 Flag

    CRF welcomes our newest member

    Ahh my trusted security co-ordinator.......please report back to me with an in depth synopsis.

    Codewords: edith piaff has many a gitane

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    • edith piaff has many a gitane

      Security report....

      Other than propoganda and exaggeration by the ACPS nothing much has happened, the security colour remains amber as it was when you went away. There was a slight cause for concern though...BobbyN offered a 'peace treaty' to the ACPS, immediately upon reciept of this info I informed ALL members of the CRF that NO peace trearty was on the table. I was unsure as to what to do in your absence, i thought about suspending Bobby and taking his mittens back until you returned to deal with the matter, however BobbyN has 'pulled himself together' and was fighting with us usual. It is my belief he was either confused by the obvious underhand dealings of the ACPS or he was just 'frightened' because you had left him...My recommendation is that nothing more than Bobby is to lose his marmite rights for 2 weeks but the ultimate desicion is of course yours.
      Guru has been very strong in our and your defence and i feel a promotion is warrented.
      Report ends...

      edith piaff has many a gitane