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  • saarfend-spur saarfend-spur Jul 3, 2008 21:10 Flag

    Apologies to fellow CRF members....

    ....for missing such a wonderful welcome.

    Huggy, your charming words struck a chord with my lily white heart, but I am afraid it was all in vain.

    My decision to join the CRF was made by answering 2 simple questions:

    1. Would players such as Hoddle and Gazza have thrived under the tutelage of a manager such as AC?

    2. Would I want AC as Spurs manager, ever?

    I'm afraid the conclusion was NO to both.

    There was a time when Spurs & West Ham were regarded as the entertaining London teams (something my team has regained to some extent), as opposed to the boring Gooners, Chelski, etc. However I fear AC is trying to turn your beloved Hammers into a clone of his effective, but extremely boring Charlton team.

    I see no other choice but to support the CRF.

    Bobby, do the mittens come in extra small?

    (Am I the first female member of the CRF Irons??)

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