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  • A Yahoo! User Aug 25, 2008 04:47 Flag

    not the end of the world lads

    you are one man short in todays match and on the back foot for a large part of the proceeding. it isnt surprising that your team then got stuffed 3-0 by city, obviously not your day by the sound of things. get over it lads and move on. it is ridiculous to start calling for the managers blood in august when the players have barely gel as a unit, at least give curbs a chance to prove his worth before taking any kneejerk reaction

    blowing the cobwebs away this early wont solve any of your problems.

    "Forza CRF: because its a season long thing".

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    • Lol, you were chatting with slayer iron, and I can assure you, he (james, this time) knows f*ck all about West Hams glory days!

      I suppose if Curbs is deserving of the sack after one win one defeat out of two games, so is Wenger too?! They've been underachieving for 5 years now, Curbs has only had one full season, and considering all the injuries he had and still got you to 10th, surely he deserves a bit longer?