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  • A Yahoo! User Aug 31, 2008 19:10 Flag

    Do you still wanna see the back of Curbs?

    yep..........I do................

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    • Greetings guys

      If you want a view from a United fan i think that AC should be given at least until january. He has started pretty well and apart from the City game i think you have looked good (especially yesterday)

      Dont get me wrong Bilic is top class and i think has more to his repotoire (think thats how you spell it) than AC.

      After your injury problems i think your finally clearing out the cobwebs and getting into gear.

      Holding onto Ashton was paramount and fair play that he decided to stay which AC must get some credit for.

      Personally i wish you boys good luck this term especially against the big boys

    • Well, I'm not surprised that you didn't seem overly perturbed by yesterday's showing. As we all know you have a dislike to the way Curbs manages his team and also a legitimate criticism of Curbs' ability to manage WHU. This view is shared by other hammers who also believe Curbs is the wrong guy for the job.

      The MOTD panel including Lineker strongly think differently and believe the manager should be given a reprieve, in other words the anti- camp should back off for now and #$%$ Curbs on substance not style of play when the season ends. I'm sure they are a silent camp inside UP who thinks Curbs is doing a decent job, but whether this camp is strong enough to carry the day only time (and on-pitch performances) will tell.