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    A damp squib

    Filed: Tuesday, 2nd September 2008
    By: Staff Writer
    Despite a day of frenzied rumour and speculation the transfer deadline has passed without West Ham United announcing a single new signing.

    As the midnight deadline drew nearer rumours regarding the likes of Paulo Ferreira, Stephen Appiah, Gael Givet and Edison Cavani continued to do the rounds.

    However United fans, desperate for at least one new signing to cheer found themselves disappointed as the club failed to bring news of any last minute deals (barring the departure of George McCartney to Sunderland).

    That could yet all change - previous years have seen a number of deadline deals delayed yet later sanctioned by the Premier League - but with no signs whatsoever of any new arrivals that would appear extremely unlikely (despite the Hammers having history here with Messrs Tevez and Mascherano).

    Chiarman Bjorgolfur Gudmundsson has been the target of some heavy criticism by supporters tonight, who have now seen the club sell half of their best defence in years without replacing them.

    The first rumblings of possible anti-Board protests at future home games have also been sounded, with many fans asking 'where's the money gone?' in respect of the £50million in TV rights received during the past two seasons.

    The Hammers now find themselves in the bizarre situation of having to play at least half a season without a recognised left back in the squad, following the departure of McCartney - unless the club manage to pull a rabbit out of the hat later today.

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    • Totally agree, history does seem to have a strange habit of repeating itself. West Ham once again become a player development club for every other team. I mean for Christs sake can we not even compete with the likes of Wigan now in the transfer stakes?????
      Just another chairman that wants to use the club as his personal pension fund, hope I'm wrong but we are going to struggle now this season.

      The biggest problem is that we have a manager that had no position of strength to demand players. If your manager is flying high and has everyone's support, come the time of the transfer window he can make his demands and get at least some of them. Can you imagine how those meetings went for Curbishley?

      `Knock Knock
      "Come In, Ah Curbishley, how are you?
      "Hello Mr Gudmundsson, I`d like to sign such and such....."
      "Get lost Curbishley"
      "Yes Sir"
      Curbishley exits stage left.......