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  • A vile little man.....

    ..Alan Shearer = papa d = JUSTme (pinched from the Arsenal fan) + several other id's all belong to #$%$ 'butch' boy.... You are a lying sack of #$%$ butch, you spout opinions on various topics but they aint your personal views, they're the views and opinions of writers on the internet or newspapers that you trawl through. You read a question or comment made on one of these boards, then you research on your little PC and come back with info or opinion and claim it as your own..... That makes you a lying sack of #$%$.... You post webpages from Oz and claim thats where you live, no personal pics taken by you (coz you aint there), that makes you a lying sack of #$%$ #$%$ butch..... You spout on about being in India, Nepal etc for several years but again, no personal pics of anything, just pages copied from various websites, coz truth is you've never been anywhere outside the hospital grounds, you've no pics and no knowledge of any of it and that also makes you a lying sack of #$%$.... You claim intelligence and yet and man with true intelligence would never declare it, it's unintelligent to do so, now that dont make you a lying sack of #$%$, that makes you thick tossa but everyone already knows all this..... You have no friends, no wife, no girlfriend, no job, no money, no life as such just an existence, no-one likes you #$%$ 'butch' boy, except maybe your #$%$ buddy and everyone will know who that is coz he'll post in your defence #$%$ 'butch' boy... Everyone knows you're a waster and a twister #$%$ 'butch' boy and everyone knows you're a lying sack of #$%$. Everyone can see you have no original ideas of your own, you steal others by cutting and pasting on you PC, even your verbal attacks on others are not your words, you even lift them from others retaliatory remarks directed at you....You are a vile little man, a pathetic little man and of course, you're a lying sack of #$%$.

    Happy hammer wrote this about Butch, i thought it was accurate and apt so i thought i'd show it you guys.
    Funny too ha ha ha ha ha