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  • A Yahoo! User Sep 30, 2008 20:12 Flag

    Why did the Bail Out Fail?

    This has happened before, back in the 20's.
    How do you think the rockafellers have become so powerful and influential?
    It was set up then and its been set up again.
    The Wall street bankers are greedy, incompetent fat cats who have created this crisis themselves and who are now being allowed to pick the pockets of American voters to fix it.
    Only this time the public isn't falling for it, and neither has congress.
    This is a significant moment in history, a necessary shock the 'powers that be', the same powers that are trying to control and manipulate you.
    Banks are corrupt, you must wake up to this. They charge us money we dont have to protect their money, when they dont even have our money int he first place, its just a number on a screen. Banks are irresponsible, this recession was inevitable, our system does not work and is not healthy.
    Now watch 'America' try and turn this around, offering concessions to individual members to turn them around, and even changing parts of the bill to suit their needs.
    Think they haven't already?
    The whole 9/11 set up (oh yes it was deluded ones) gave 'them' the power to take away Americans liberties, they can lock you up for no reason whatsoever, they can ruin your life at the drop of a hat, freedom no longer exists in America, and we are next in line.
    Laugh it off as a conspiracy, it makes you feel better doesn't it.