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    irons ministry of food

    Kidney & Mushroom Soup

    1 quart of stock
    ¼lb of kidney
    ¼lb of mushrooms
    1oz butter
    1tablespoonful browning

    Cut the kidney into small pieces, mix a good sprinkling of salt and pepper
    into a dessertspoonful of flour and roll the pieces of kidney into this.
    Melt the butter in a saucepan. Peel and cut the mushrooms into small pieces,
    and fry in the butter for 5 minutes. Add the kidney and the stock and gently
    simmer for 2 hours. Stir in the browning and thicken with flour.

    Old Yorkshire Squab Pie

    2 pork chops
    1lb apples
    2 onions
    3 medium sized potatoes
    1 gill of water
    salt and pepper
    1 teaspoonful dried sage
    1oz sultanas

    Peel the apples, onions, and potatoes, and slice them thinly.
    Lay half the onions in a pie dish with some slices of apple, and a little
    potato over them and sprinkle the vegetables with sage,
    salt, pepper, and a few sultanas. Put in the chops and the rest
    of the sage and sultanas, also the onions and apples.
    Fill the pie dish half full of cold water, arrange the slices
    of potato neatly on top, and twist a piece of greased paper
    over the edge of the dish. Bake in moderate oven for 1hour 45 minutes.

    Hedgehogs On The Lawn

    Make a stiff custard and pour it into a glass dish and let it get cold.
    Cover this evenly with chopped pistachio nuts to resemble the lawn.
    Boil some good cooking apples to a mash, strain off all the liquor.
    Whip the whites of two eggs to a stiff froth, add the apples,
    slowly whipping all the time. Form into balls, and place on top of the lawn.
    Roast some blanched almonds till brown; cut these into spikes,
    and stick them all over the apple balls.

    Nettle Beer

    Take a large bunch of nettles, and after washing well
    boil in four quarts of water and place in a very large bowl.

    4oz root ginger (well bruised)
    2oz cream of tartar
    6 lemons thinly sliced
    ½ lb black treacle
    3lb lump sugar
    2oz yeast

    Pour the well-boiled nettle juice on to the other ingredients,
    Add four gallons of lukewarm water, then add 2oz yeast
    broken into small pieces. Leave overnight, then bottle and cork tightly.

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