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    Liar BUTCH gets OUTTED again!


    Lowly Hammers, I don't have a lot of time to waste here on this sorry board of muppets - afterall, i don't want YOUR bad luck and abject FAILURE to rub off on the league leaders and most successful English club of all-time see!

    Anyway - just to let you know the LOSER we all love to hate - BUTCH aka SeanKongPhooey has been royally EMBARRASSED by me and even the wimp pretender dogsofwar on the United board... too funny!

    Whilst slagging the UK Butch proudly told us that his city (CAIRNS in Australia) had NO CRIME and was safe to live in... so i did a quick google and came upon this...

    Cairns Detectives have released the image of a man who may be able to assist in relation to an attempted child abduction that occurred on the 6th December. At 9.30am a child was walking on Kamerunga Road, Freshwater when he was approached by a man in a vehicle.

    Moana Hodkinson left Cairns Supreme Court after she was immediately released on parole yesterday.
    A DRUG kingpin responsible for trafficking large amounts of speed and ecstasy, Hodkinson could be out of jail in 18 months, while his main distributor has been locked away until August 2010.

    A POLICE officer was allegedly kicked and punched several times in the face in Babinda overnight.

    Police used pepper spray to sudue the 39-year-old Townsville man, who allegedly became violent after police removed him from a hotel in Munroe St at about 11pm.

    THE dark side of Cairns’ party scene has been revealed in court, with five drug runners sentenced for selling hundreds of pills at nightclubs.

    All five men, ranging in age from 19 to 46, were nabbed in operation Foxtrot Size, where an undercover police officer approached dealers in Cairns nightclubs asking for drugs.

    5. (love this one)
    NOT even the Christmas spirit is safe from grinch-like thieves in Cairns.

    Crims are knocking off anything they can get their hands on, with stolen property ranging from festive decorations to solar panels and crocodile skin products.


    Of course we can't expect Butch the LOSER to know about all this... he never goes outside as he's too busy obsessing about FOOTBALL back in the mother country, talking s**t and playing online WHO's WHO!

    Discuss THAT lil $%^&... (he won't he's SCARED of me!) twitch twitch....

    The ORIGINAL king of the boards...
    P and S - accept no other!

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