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  • Alan H Alan H Jan 22, 2009 07:33 Flag


    This guy is desperate. He hasn't bothered to put a posting on the Hammer's board for at least 5 months so that's how much interest he's got in you guys. I'm going back to September 08 now trying to find him, I got bored looking after that.
    So why is he back on now? It's obvious, I'll tell you why he's back and Rolf Harris 4 has already said why. He's a glory hunter, the only reason he's on here now is because he's trying to shunt me off because he's seen a bit of banter between me and you guys.
    The stars came out because he was trying to fog you guys off, look at the Chelsea board and his 5 stars to the guy who kissed his #$%$ yesterday after another spat.
    At times he bores me stiff, if he doesn't like it then he can Eusabio off. (What a wonderful player he was) He tried the same thing on the Magpie's board way back.
    Forget this piffle guys, there's a big game the weekend.
    With respect from me-- Alan H.