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  • Alan H Alan H Jan 5, 2009 23:55 Flag


    Pools are just waiting for you guys. West Brom and Stoke already under our belts. We may bring some fringe players in for this one.

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    • never new you supported the monkey hangers Mr S?

      Bit of a warm up this. Joel Porter's going out with a bang before he goes home to Australia at the end of the season.
      Many of the 1st team guys were out tonight. As Porter walked off he said to one of our fans--" Bellamy is in their team next week, yeah? "
      Our guy nodded and Porter said--" Brilliant, lets go for it."

    • Pretty much even Steven in the league--mid table hovering.
      Bullard's out and Bellamy's dummy's out (again) which evens things up.
      I've got a feeling the Hammers won't go busting their balls tomorrow with a massive game coming up next week. So---I reckon Hammers 1 Fulham 0. Or maybe a 1-1 draw.

    • Razor, because the Hammers won't talk to me because Soppy prised me out of their hearts (the bounder) will you tell them this---
      It's rather confusing the Hammers situation, it would appear to me that you don't need to sell players or am I wrong?
      But keep Bellamy (horrible bloke, Shearer loves him). Because Pools are formulating a plan to get him sent off by winding him up in his favourite language--bad.
      I've got a question to put to you Razor by the way, when the time's right regarding Sheff Utd and the Hartlepool connection.

    • What planet are you on mate ??? You played who????? Stoke and West Brom , Wow !! doing really well arent they ? Sorry mate but when the players that dont want to be here ,go and Zola gets some decent loans in , Dyer back , dont be silly mate , just worry about staying in the league your in, whatever that is , seriously dont know !!!!! Hartle....who ????????

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      • Feel some sympathy for you there wesc007, I can feel the stress oozing out of you. Not surprised though, having to dream of loan deals and 10 games a season Dyer when he's not busy crashing cars and getting involved in sex scandals.
        Never mind, there's always Bellamy to fall back on if he isn't banned or behind bars by then.
        Good luck in the league though, great little club with good history. When your cash problems level out lets pray you're still in the premier. If you do come to Hartlepool you'll see one of the best pitches in the country. Keep it real wesc---enjoy the day if you come.

    • Hammers, the day is drawing closer and I do feel for your trepidation. But remember it's only a game of football and after a few weeks the pain of defeat will be well behind you.
      While Pools eagerly wait for the big money earner, an away game with Man Utd. You guys can maybe look towards a european spot.
      Hoping they're hanging well.

    • Just the man Tilton. Now you are a well respected guy who knows what he's talking about and has got the badges to verify the fact. And by the way I suppose you're putting (the old days) down to me no doubt.
      But listen, and these aren't my words. They were in a local paper tonight. ITV are showing the game Hartlepools against the unpredictable Hammers on the 24th at 12-40pm kick off time live.
      I'm not sure where you're based at, but if you are amongst the Hammers and not coming up. Gather as many as you can in the pub around you because it's less embarrassing if grown men all cry together.

    • Good point Rambro,stop feeding the monkeys.

    • This guy is desperate. He hasn't bothered to put a posting on the Hammer's board for at least 5 months so that's how much interest he's got in you guys. I'm going back to September 08 now trying to find him, I got bored looking after that.
      So why is he back on now? It's obvious, I'll tell you why he's back and Rolf Harris 4 has already said why. He's a glory hunter, the only reason he's on here now is because he's trying to shunt me off because he's seen a bit of banter between me and you guys.
      The stars came out because he was trying to fog you guys off, look at the Chelsea board and his 5 stars to the guy who kissed his #$%$ yesterday after another spat.
      At times he bores me stiff, if he doesn't like it then he can Eusabio off. (What a wonderful player he was) He tried the same thing on the Magpie's board way back.
      Forget this piffle guys, there's a big game the weekend.
      With respect from me-- Alan H.

    • Be flippant, Tilton--but beware. Mind you, you'll be playing on one of the best pitches in the country which could suit your guys.
      But the cold north east wind up their #$%$, a passionate crowd? And for God's sake don't let Bellamy loose in the town after the game---that's if he hasn't gone to a big club by then--titter titter.

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