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    trianspotting for irons

    Excessively enthusiastic railfans are sometimes referred to pejoratively as foamers,[3] especially by American rail workers, in reference to the joking notion that they foam at the mouth in their excitement over train operations.[4] FRN (for #$%$ rail nut)[5] is a similarly-used term in the American rail industry. The UK equivalent is crank, which has been taken into enthusiast usage.

    In the UK, railfans are sometimes called trainspotters, grizzers or gricers, according to their speciality (see below). The term trainspotter has become somewhat derogatory when used by the general public. They are also known as Zeds due to the fact that many special trains have a 1Zxx prefix. There are still some pure 'trainspotters' (see below), but a large proportion of UK enthusiasts have wider interests than mere 'spotting'. In Australia, they are sometimes called gunzels.[6][7]

    The study of railways, or a general interest in them as a hobby, is sometimes known as ferroequinology (literally, "study of iron horses"). The term is rarely used by non-railfans. The Railway Magazine attempted to popularise the term railwayac without success in the early 20th century.[8] so watch your not foaming at mouth toot toot .

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