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    what do u think about the man city moneybags

    a good thing or a bad thing.....are you jealous of their wealth or do you think it will destroy the premier league in that they can outbid any other club,grab the best players
    ....imagine as is happening now they are hijacking transfer deals by upping the ante
    ....ok if you are a man city supporter....but if you aint?....it makes the possibility of 4 major teams winning everything more likely....
    and the gap widening....

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    • Another mercenary, wants a fast buck, with strings attached....

      Kaka Demands 2010 Release Clause In City Contract - Reports
      The Milan man has asked City for a special clause which could see him leave the club within a year of signing for them.

      Kaka Demands 2010 Release Clause In City Contract - Reports
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      Milan midfielder Riccardo Kaka is on the verge of completing his €120 million transfer to Manchester City, however, as part of his deal, he has demanded that the English side install a special release clause in his contract.

      Il Corriere Dello Sport claims the Premier League side have accepted the request which could see them lose out €55m on their investment within a year of landing their man.

      Kaka has asked for a €65m buy-out clause, which will allow him to leave the club in 2010 if the promises and plans Manchester City make do not materialise.

      In addition, the Brazilian ace has demanded a 20 percent rise in his annual salary as compensation for not being able to play in the Champions League next season.

      City are currently struggling in the league and European football seems highly unlikely. The new deal, if signed, will see Kaka take home around €18m per season in wages.

      The City deal is becoming a nightmare for the player. On Friday night he was seen crying at Milanello; such is the torment surrounding his possible Milan exit.

      Arabian news agencies had suggested that Kaka had signed a deal last night but there has been no confirmation from either club regarding these rumours just yet.

      The Rossoneri have allowed the player to talk with City and the Italian club are willing to negotiate with regard to the money on offer.

      Salvatore Landolina, Goal.com

    • These foreign money bags short amusement owners are creating a monster. If all this unbelievable money brings success then good news for Man City--but if it doesn't, then the plug will come out and the nation of fans will be climbing on the bandwagon to laugh at them.
      You can't buy passion and I still don't think Kaka, a fabulous player and a loyal one, wants to leave Milan---he'll have no choice.