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    It's time for me (Butch) to set the record straight on this shared account with Chris.

    Lads, I am Butch Reynolds. Used to live in Blighty but now cuz of ill health and a list of criminal offences as long as your arm i managed to sneak into Cairns Australia as my son sponsored me. Yes I don't have any friends here and that's why i am on here 24/7.

    I tried to set up a fake football forum website so i could trace peoples IP's and harass them but like my life - it failed. I also lied about having war heroes for relatives cuz like me they were cowards who did nothing in their lives.

    Yeah, i have said stupid things here like "I chinned Lee Bowyer" and "i set up a backpackers cafe in Thailand", "I worked in Saudi for the royal family" but as you all know it's all a complete fairytale. I'm a loner, i'm a loser but never mind, i'll always have you and this message board until i snuff it.

    I'm a pensioner but i act like a 12 year old i admit it. Sad ain't i. <sigh>

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    • Oh how delightful....Could this really be a true message from butchylass?....But, then again the message could be fake...

      I say, can you all remember butchy being caught out telling fibs about getting rough with a certain Mr bowyer?...do you suppose he's lying again about his dead relative being a war hero?....Yeees, Rupert and i remember it all...I'd say butchylass is lying again now but Rupert says it's a 50/50...don't you Rupert?...Rupert?...Rupert!


    • hello dawlings..

      I'm just doing my daily rounds...It is see if anyone has seen my boy butch ....he's around here some where I know he is.....
      He hasn't been the same since you AWFUL lot teased him after he told you a teeny weeny porky pie..do you remember dawlings?....Oh my...the little porky about chinning Lee Bowyer...do you all remember? I seem to remember it was yoooou awful lot on this West Ham board that bought it to the attention of everyone else...I mean dawling's...just how mean can you get...and now he is telling evryone that he is the decendant of an Australian war hero too......

      just wait till I see him...I will tell him off.

      That's all for now..

      Bye my dawlings

      bye bye