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  • A Yahoo! User Feb 10, 2009 00:49 Flag

    Hammers fans PETRIFIED over Zola!


    I find it hilarious the way you Hammers clowns are all over the news that Scolari is sacked as Chavs manager. The trith is YOU muppets are absolutely bricking it that Zola will go to the club he truly loves.. at the BRIDGE!

    Face it fools - WHY wouldn't he. Your crooked Icelandic owners are so in debt they can't afford to buy a ball boy let alone any players. You are on the brink of financial meltdown

    All your best players are being sold off and you haven't won a trophy since the ICE AGE har har

    Zola.. GO to Chelsea mate. The Hammers are a JOKE my friend... go home my son and take Clarkey back with you... The BRIDGE awaits!!

    I'm forever blowing money........

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