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  • whubob whubob Apr 9, 2009 21:24 Flag


    Just watched the news and Ken Livingstone was bleating about the police action against the poor protesters in the city of London.He claimed the police penned the poor protesters in and would not let them out.They were not allowed to go to a toilet and were forced to stay in one area.WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE.This has been happening to football fans for 40 years and not a complaint from Red Ken about that,He said football fans deserve to be treated like that.What about these protesters who were intent on damage,smashing windows,spraying walls.We are herded from the moment we leave our home town untill we get back to our home town.I cant remember a M.P. complaining about that.Come on Ken,Have a moan on our behalf.CANT SEE IT.

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    • Just think for a moment.We,the hard working taxpayers are paying for these "poor protesters".I worked at the M.11.protests at wansted on security and had seen first hand what this lazy bunch of time wasters are like.They should have penned them in and turned the hoses on them,that would have helped the enviroment get rid of some bad smells.How the hell did these peole get to these places,Car,train.Very enviromently friendly.How about sending them to protest at sheff utd,they have loads of money now and must be a good target.FAT CAT CAPITALISTS