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  • A Yahoo! User Apr 13, 2009 19:50 Flag

    Fake IDs coming to an end

    Psst hammers

    thanks to my continued efforts to bring you all the latest confirmed serial fake ID'ers the problem is coming to an end.

    Yahoo are also working behind the scenes to bring an end to 'cloning'..

    the following is a confirmed list of all current fake ID's in use from one poster... you know who he is and so does the Shadow

    The Puppet Weazel
    tnyahern@rocketmail (faked)
    Crusha K
    The Blues A
    Eric Cantona
    Internet Police
    The Incident
    Malaysian Plastic
    Dodge a clacker

    all 100 per cent confirmed from the same IP in Brisbane Australia

    Only the real Shadow knows muhahahaha

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