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    The Premiersihp Flatters to Deceive!

    Not sure why there is a general misconception that the EPL is the strongest league; it is just media hype, as usual, potraying the EPL as the strongest league in Europe. Vito is nobody's mug, as neither are you, I'm sure. Will you allow me to point out that despite semi-final or final appearances, only ONE thing matters - and that's the side that actually LIFTS the CL trophy. In the past decade only two English teams have done so, one that lifted it only because the other captain slipped - no prizes for guessing! :)) So those believing the media hype on the EPL's superiority should crawl away in shame, while the intelligent few amongst you can bask in the glory of what you always knew, and which was EXPOSED to the world the other night - that the pretenders cannot produce when it counts the most unless the other team "slips".

    On the other hand, the EPL certainly is the highest-spending league, or most popular/marketed league; I'm sure there's no argument there. I refer you to the table below of the modern CL format, and I think it speaks for itself, don't you think?

    Champions League (season 1992–93 to present) Titles by Club

    Team-------------Won---Runner-up--Years won--------------Years runner-up
    Milan----------------3------------3--------1994, 2003, 2007----1993, 1995, 2005
    Real Madrid-------3---------- – --------1998, 2000, 2002---- –
    Barcelona----------2-----------1---------2006, 2009-------------1994
    MUFC---------------2-----------1---------1999, 2008--------------2009
    Juventus------------1-----------3---------1996------------ ----------1997, 1998, 2003
    Liverpool------------1-----------1----------2005---------- ------------2007
    Bayern Munich---1-----------1----------2001---------------------19 99
    Ajax------------------1-----------1----------1995--------- ------------1996
    Porto-----------------1---------- – ---------2004--------------------- –
    B Dortmund-------1---------- – ---------1997---------------------- –
    Marseille-----------1---------- – ---------1993---------------------- –
    Valencia----------- – ---------2------------- – -----------------------2000, 2001
    B Leverkusen---- – ---------1------------- – -----------------------2002
    Monaco------------ – ---------1 ------------ – -----------------------2004
    Arsenal------------ – ----------1------------- – -----------------------2006
    Chelsea----------- – ----------1------------- – -----------------------2008

    And if you want to argue that we go back to 1955, then the only difference is that the German and Dutch clubs leapfrog the English (barring Liverpool), just proving my point.

    And, of course, Real Madrid leapfrogs us! :)))

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