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  • Evil Bread Man Evil Bread Man Jun 29, 2009 06:37 Flag

    Well well well

    DOW 66 or shall i call you Mr Popular. So it was YOU behind all this nonsense of offering one hundred pounds to myself to reveal peoples details. Jeeez you must be minted to offer such HUGE sums hehehe.
    Talking of 'huge' ,my chubby friend, you may take the #$%$ about me doing the marathon but one things for sure, with the amount of time spent in these forums being the 'popular one' its clear you could do with some exercise yourself. You need to cut down on yer pork life mate

    And then you go on to say you are gonna break my bones. Well you certainly wont be make old bones thats for sure, keep on eating chubster

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    • dogs - you display the classic signs of low self-esteem - you invite criticism to the point of self flagellation, you obviously have poor self image, don't think you're good enough and seem to get off on people hating and wanting to do harm to you.

      I suspect it boils down to a poor childhood, single mother perhaps? no father influence, maybe you didn't get any love or hugs as a child. Were you abused, physically and mentally, your anger issues and self loathing are deeply routed and all about how little you feel about yourself.

      You need break the cycle of self hatred, change the dialogue in your head. An internal critic fuels self-hate, so step one is to silence the voices by consciously making yourself repeat a positive response for every negative thought you have. Why be your own worst critic?

      Forgive yourself, remember it's not your fault that you weren't loved, that your parents weren't there for you as a child and that the other kids as school thought you were a loser.

      Avoid comparing yourself to the good people here because it only leads to further insecurity and self hatred.

      Take care of your appearance. Fat people with a bad body image often stop making an effort, believing there is 'no point' they had no friends and are often the basis of put downs and ridicule.

      Be aware that we teach others how to treat us. Practice projecting yourself as someone whose opinions are just as valid as others, and your sense of self-worth will begin to rise.

      Basically you need help and lots of it, and I am sure if you open your heart to the others here, then the love will flow in and you'll find that are people here who can help you feel good about yourself again.

      Best wishes

    • Michael Winner or some poof from the east end? I know who I'd pick.

    • hhahahahahah brilliant alfie, reastens very public humiliations keep getting worse hahahahhaaa check the cfc board he comes off just as bad over there, the boy is too thick you see !

      cheers, Derek

    • Give me the start & finish dates for when you did the half marathon tilt.

      I reckon it must have taken you several days because you kept tripping up on your bottom lip...HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    • " don't #$%$ume everyting is correct from third party "

      Third party? That's not a nice way to refer to your "friend", especially when he's been busy licking your #$%$ on the Chelsea board! hehe

      Back in my pocket you go my little pet plankton.

    • You see Richard, there's a lesson to be learnt here and that's don't assume everyting is correct from third party. Back to class and stop drinking beer, it'll make u fat-----ter

    • " Now it just happens that I just might be doing the half marathon with Alfy "



      You have just been caught with your knickers down you little #$%$......AGAIN.

      Now I'm off to the pub for some beers....so my little plankton....hup hup huppppppppppppppppp !!

    • Are you f••king stupid? I know you're demented but surely 26 miles is a FULL marathon.

      Anyway I DID FULLY clone the 1st ID with complete history, And that f••king annoyed you. So yea, f••king hilarious watching you get all confused as to what was going on hence the thread "just what the hell is going on here"

      Do you want ketchup with those chips?

    • Ze Fuhrer, mein gott.