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  • Sheffield United goalkeeper Paddy Kenny has been handed a nine-month ban from all football after failing a drugs test.

    A routine sample of Kenny's urine taken after the Blades' clash with Preston in May 2009 was found to have traces of banned substance ephedrine present. This led to United suspending the player on June 4 and he was then banned by the FA.

    Kenny admitted the charge and a Regulatory Commission hearing on Monday ruled that the Republic of Ireland international would be suspended for a nine-month period, back-dated to July 22 when the FA's ban took effect.

    The Regulatory Commission chairman Christopher Quinlan said after the hearing: "Whilst we found that the player satisfied us on the balance of probabilities that the substance was not taken with the intention of enhancing sporting performance, his admitted conduct displayed significant fault.

    "A professional sportsman including a football player has a strict responsibility to ensure prohibited substances do not enter his/her body. In this instance Mr Kenny knowingly ingested an over-the-counter medicine above the prescribed dosage without reading the accompanying package or leaflet and without reference to his club's doctor or other medical staff.

    "It is incumbent upon all professional footballers to understand the perils and dangers of so doing and to act in the way he did, contrary to the Doping Control Programme delivered by The FA and in any event what should be a matter of common sense for a professional sportsman, showed in our judgment a complete disregard for those responsibilities."

    There is plenty a goalie can take to enhance his­ concentration and keep his head calm, unlike any of­ Englands No.1's, ephedrine is in most nasal­ docongestants like Vics so its easy enough to ingest. A­ 9 month ban is a bit harsh tho, its not like Rio­ 'coke-head' Ferdinand who really DID break the­ rules, but then i forget, he is a Man United­ player......

    So if the disciplinary board itself has been satisfied­ that were wasn't a deliberate attempt to cheat and­ the player himself didn't try to cover up what was­ a mistake - then how is this good practice and what­ point is being proved here? Surely this will encourage­ any other footballer who makes a mistake to further­ compound the infamy by lieing to cover it up? And­ excuse my medical ignorance; but is there really such a­ thing as drug enhanced cheating for goalkeepers? Does­ it make their hands bigger or something or the ball­ stick to them better? And if so, can someone Micky Finn­ David James drink with some before he next goes in goal­ for England? obrigado friends!!!!