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    Hines needs more beans

    I am a Liverpool fan and just wanted to say it was a tough game yesturday and I thought WH were great. It was good to see good football, plenty on goals and better still to see some hard but fair challenges. Too often or beautiful game is ruined by being too mambi pambi.

    I was really impressed by Hines, very quick, good feet and we struggled with him, he could become a really goog player. The only thing I will say is that I was getting a bit fed up with how easy he went down, I think occassionally it was simulation but more than that I think he is very lightweight and unless he gets some strength and bulk he will never reach his potential, he was far to easy to knock off the ball. For Englands sake I hope he grows into a good player we need some decent players who can play left side.

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    • For Englands sake ????
      He's Jamaican ! and you would go down if you were being constanly fouled by Skirtel and Carra. It was the only way they were stopping him and Cole. I just wished our defence had used the same "professional" tactics on Torres !

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      • Easy fella,

        Born in Jamaica but been here most of his life, do you honestly think if he had the opportunity to play for England or Jamaica he would chose Jamaica????? Agbonglahor could have played for Jamaica but chose England.

        I wasn't meaning to come across as narky, well not like you have with your response anyway and also I did not say that he wasn't manhandled by Skirtel or Carra and being 22 stone I don't think I would go down that easy to be honest. But take your blinkers off for a moment and admit that he is lightweight and to perform he needs to learn to give as good as he gets, not just drop at every single opportunity (if there is real contact like the skirtel grab around his waist and the carra shove for the pen then that is fair game but the rest were all border line and he could have helped your team go for goal directly rather than winning a set piece) or he will never become as good as he can be and I think you, WH that is, who I respect a lot could have another quality player to have come through your ranks and if he did reach his potential and did decide to chose England then I would be chuffed, if not then lucky Jamaica.

        And I think your defenders were giving Torres a hard time, but he kept upright, gave it back just as hard and got his rewards in the end.