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  • I've just returned from the Bolton game and i have to say, apart from a 20 min spell, we looked like our negative-selves again!!

    This was a fixture there for the taking, raise the spirits of the players and give the fans a bit of a boost! Instead, they proved, once-again, we could be in the myre this season!

    I am a hardcore West Ham fan and they are very dear to me so apologies for the negative comments, BUT: I truly think we are gonna struggle this season. 1. We have no proven goal scorer and seem to waste chances when they RARELY arrive 2. The midfield seem content to sit deep, play negative own half keep ball followed by an occasional punt to the opposition defence 3. Our back 4 are consistently making mistakes and don't seem to have the ability to communicate.

    Overall, i don't see how Zola can be mean or experienced enough to turn this team around without an injection of world class players. Granted, we have an abundance of high quality youth to draw upon, but is this the place to be doing so??

    I truly hope things turn around, but for me the signs are not good!!!


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