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  • whubob whubob Oct 18, 2009 23:43 Flag


    Just read in the N.O.T.W. about this new mob putting in a bid for our great club,saying they will give millions to Zola in the January transfer window.Got me thinking how many Italians do you think we will get for christmas?.Do any of you lot fancy comming into my consortium and we could buy a couple of Pasta Restaurants in Green street/Barking Road,we could clean up.We could name one after our beloved club,The Gravy Train.As the new owners will be yanks we will need to open a couple of mens oversize outfitters selling check jackets with a burger bar in each one.They think Duxbury and Nani would be outed.Storey is leaving Chelski after christmas so he might come here and we could have even more of the Chelsea old boys? They get our best players,we get their unwanted staff, We could change our shirts to blue ones and our shorts could be the stars & stripes.Change our song from Bubbles to the Ronald McDonald theme and we would be sorted.We would have more chance of scoring though when they change the goalposts to the American Football ones,we always seem to be aiming over that bar at the moment,how many goals would Boa Morte score?

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