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  • whubob whubob Dec 16, 2009 19:54 Flag

    Could you help #$%$. ?

    We are #$%$. Supporters help infirm tragic strikers.A donation of just £45 per game could help a old striker who has been left by his owner.Take David Di Michele.He was left on a motorway hungry and lost,we took him in and cared for him,gave him £50 grand a week,new house,car.We never put a old striker down.Your donation could help us bring loads more old strikers back from the brink.Take Diego Tristan,he was found tied to a lampost,unloved,unwanted.We took him in and helped him back,he scored 3 goals for us dont you know.We also take in young pups who are unwanted.Take Savio,scruffy,ugly little beast,we got him loved and he did nothing in return and now we have rehomed him and he is very happy and a lot richer.So please remember,this transfer window,please give as much as you can afford to #$%$. We never put old strikers down

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