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  • West Ham, T Brown, the two rentboys who pick the team, the three monkeys from Birmingham, Birmingham, our hotel, Pards, Match of the day, twitter, facebook, anyone from spuds, Iceland both the store and the people, anyone English that can't afford to move out of the Eastend, the bbc, censorship, septics, paddy, the never ending story, krauts, frogs, #$%$ the boleyn pub, Tevez and the other one, the Redknapp's, anyone who thinks Carlton Cole is better than Crouch, Carlton Cole, Green, Upson, headless Parker, censorship, two wins in a row for the Hammers, censorship, £$*&(%)", good money thrown after bad, a West Ham season ticket. All them supporters who after all that's come out over the Tevez debacle, still think and say we had nothing to do with Shef ununited being relegated. Frankaluce do your worst. Oh did I mention the most abusive word of all CENSORSHIP.