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  • Steve Algorfa Steve Algorfa Mar 28, 2010 02:15 Flag

    supporters sold short

    why is it that whu think that they can get away with letting their supporters down week in and week out.Well thats because they always have done,We now look forward to a season at least in the championship and all those supposedly good players walking out of the door-good riddance.West Ham have never been ambitious in the 50 years I have supported them and hard as it is I've given up now.Why couldn't we have been closer to other teams - LACK OF AMBITION and poor management,poor judgement and poor vision at board level.

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    • gold and sullivan invest 55 million in to a club that is 110 million in debt the icelanders have to give that 55million to clear some debt gold and sullivan say we are 100million in debt #$%$ i think 55million in debt that is what they think of us fans dumb idiots
      i am afraid some are. Players want to leave what is the best way to leave without any concience to the fans get relagated hope i am wrong lets hope these arabs come through