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  • Green Green Mar 30, 2010 01:06 Flag

    I hope we go down!

    It will give the oppotunity to clear out ALL the #$%$ that has gathered.
    There's not many players from the current squad that should stay at the Hammers.
    Zola is far from blameless in this, his tactics, decisions and the players he uses for different games is (to put it politely), questionable.
    The sooner the Hammers go down the sooner the #$%$ gets cleared out, the sooner the Hammers bounce back, stronger.

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    • and yet another #$%$ performance against Liverpool but hey whats the sweat, 3 games left, 3 points away from a relegation place and never fear Boa Morte is here, zola's really happy....Sack the #$%$ lot of em.!!!...In fact and in truth West Ham would (in the long term) be better to do as Leeds and Southampton have and are doing, drop right down, clear out the #$%$, get the finances in order and build from there.

    • Razor, the groundsman is the only guy at UP at present who is doing his job well.
      And 'H'. how could I knock Scot Parker, the only thing i could say is that he's trying to get the Hammers out of the #$%$ single-handedly, there's obviously a huge rift in the dressing room, there's no team just individual players most of them #$%$ floating around like a ship with no engine, mast, rudder or captain.

    • Robert Green...Has no real competition for places, he's become lazy and disinterested, he needs to go. His postioning is terrible, his decisons making (on whether to come or stay) is poor.His confidence is low. His command of his area and the defenders in front of him is weak.
      Julian Faubert...Terrible! Crosses, terrible. Tackles terrible, haven't seen anything consistently good from him.
      McCarthy......Get rid.
      Dyer....dump him.
      Kovac....Not good enough..Chases about like a headless chicken, gives far too many silly free kicks away.
      Behrami.....Not good enough. Seems lost most of the time.
      Collison....Not good enough. Nice lad decent player for not for the prem and not for the Hammers.
      Noble....Not good enough...As above.
      Tomkins.....Not good enough...As above.
      Jimenez....not the right player at the club, he may get on elsewhere but not at UP..
      Boa morte....Just go!
      Now for the positives......