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  • So Fulham fielded a weakened side did they? remind you of anything that? clue 2006-7 ? V Man Utd? or Fulahm V Liverpool?
    Boots on the other foot now isnt it you whinging cants.

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    • Bluenose in peace.
      Reference Howy0069.
      This is somehing I put up on the B'Ham board. Bit of fun.
      Busy Buzzy HowyBee
      Spring time is upon us again.
      Thoughts of a nice relaxing holiday in the promised long hot summer draws ever closer.
      The butterflies fluttering lazily around sweet smelling flowers. Rich green lawns freshly cut. If you listen carefully there could be the call of a shy woodpecker on a soft warm breeze.
      There is the constant hum of a little HowyBee busily rushing round to each and every blog on many boards across the country. Not collecting pollen to produce fresh sweet English honey....oh no....it spreads #$%$. Foul smelling #$%$. HowyBee #$%$.
      He spreads it far and wide.
      If you find yourself sitting in your garden on a hot and humid summer evening and happen to hear a buzzing sound accompanied with the rich smell of South Yorkshire #$%$, it may be a good idea to take the local red top and have a swipe at the HowyBee.
      One direct hit will create a very angry reaction but it easily puts it back in it's place amongst Gods lesser creatures and it will fly away with it's sting up it's own #$%$ and pester someone else.

      Enjoy your Summer.

    • So ' Howy ' from the Sheffield United board, considers WHU to be whinger's , in his words, call's Hammers fan's...' Whinging Cant's '.

      Your walking on eggshells howy....!

      " Better to be thought a 'Cant ' howy, than to open your mouth and put it beyond any reasonable doubt ' !"