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  • Green Green Apr 8, 2010 00:27 Flag

    Shut ya mouth!

    What's all this #$%$ from Upson, Green and Noble etc, telling fans the Hammers will be ok and that they have spirit and fight and the Hammers will survive.....I dont wanna hear this #$%$. I want you #$%$ to SHOW me you can get the Hammers out of this mire, after all its you #$%$ that have put us there. Upson the last 3 goals and a good few more this season are down to you....Green, where do i begin, do you ever dive or make any attempt to stop the ball, do you do anything other than kick the ball to either opposing players but mostly to opposing goalkeepers, do you ever anticipate anything correctly, do you #$%$ sort it out. and as for Noble, Mr west ham himself, pull ya finger out, if you love west ham as much as you make out, you'd retire from the game coz you'd realise you aint facking good enough.......Bunch of #$%$ most of you Hammers players are right now, either shape up of #$%$ off elsewhere.

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