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  • Green Green May 15, 2010 22:39 Flag

    New hopes....

    I hope we do get Avram Grant as manager, I hope he brings with him several of the current Portsmouth team too, including David James, Steve Finnan, Aaron Mokoena, Frédéric Piquionne and maybe Kevin Boateng. Big changes are needed at UP and its way past time the Hammers got rid of the dead wood.

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    • My mistake, yeah youre right olas, well almost it would make 27 points but yeah i boobed there. However its just semantics, my point being imo Grant did a half decent job at pompey as he did at chelski and i believe he would do a decent job with the Hammers too.

    • Here we go, let's see what (other than glaring mistakes) Rob Green does with his 45 mins.

    • well said ironistic, throw robert green and upson into that equation too.

    • Da costa is worth keeping IMO Behrami should go though, Faubert maybe keep him another season, see what he brings to the party. Now Grant has quit pompey, i hope he signs for the Hammers soon, I've liked and admired the way he goes about his job since his Chelski days and he did a cracking job at pompey in the short time he was there. It's gotta be said the Hammers aint gonna be signing any big names though (no shock there) but some players need to move on (Robert Green, Spector, Upson, Cole). I still think, even though now I'm saying keep Faubert, we should go for Steve Finnan, he'd drop nicely into the gap left by Behrami and (again) IMO make a better fist of it too..

    • I agree (mostly) Ironistic, I know Noble bleeds West Ham, so do I mate but i aint holding em back, I believe he does, he's ok even good at times but those times are few and far between, Faubert, again the same, shows class at times but not often enough, no consistancy and when thinhgs aren't going well for him on the pitch he appears to look for others to blame. Get the cash for him and get Finnan in. Cole, i agree fully with you, same goes for Ilan, defo keep Parker, keep Diamanti too, he shows good vision, works hard, great touch and wicked free kicks, the rest I'm with you all the way.