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    Fastest Footballer in the World

    It's no surprise in the sense that they're all either current Premier League players or spent the formative years of their careers in the Premier League. Of course, this is consistent with the fact that it is the quickest league, and giving further credence to the English game being more about speed and brute force than intelligence and skill. Anyhow, what's surprising to me, personally, is that Aaron Lennon doesn't make the list. Additionally, there are plenty of quick players all over like Aiden McGeady, Jesus Navas, Nicholas Anelka just to name a few, that are most likely faster than Rooney. Article below:

    German newspaper Der Spiegel have conducted a study in a bid to discover the fastest footballer in the world.

    The findings were a little surprising even though the fact that Cristiano Ronaldo came out on top was no great shock. The Real Madrid superstar reached a speed of 33.6 kilometres per hour to finish first following exhaustive research undertaken by watching match footage. To go with his spellbinding skills, the Portugal international is also rated the quickest player on the planet.

    Bayern Munich winger Arjen Robben was second on 32.9 km/h with Arsenal flyer Theo Walcott in third (32.7).

    Manchester United and England ace Wayne Rooney, not renowned for his blistering pace, was fourth (32.6) with Robin van Persie (32.1), Arsenal's injured striker, in fifth place.

    The results are sure to generate plenty of debate amongst supporters.

    1. Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid) - 33.6 km/h
    2. Arjen Robben (Bayern Munich) 32.9 km/h
    3. Theo Walcott (Arsenal) 32.7 km/h
    4. Wayne Rooney (Manchester United) 32.6 km/h
    5. Robin van Persie (Arsenal) 32.1 km/h